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The Artists Process

A bit about my process and how I come up with my designs. Each time I make a piece I hold the stone in my hand and I let it guide me as to how the piece will look (this is especially true for my OOAK pieces). I am attracted to balance and symmetry but it's also an emotional process where I feel how the stone wants to be set. It can take a while for these pieces to evolve and it can also be emotionally hard for me to duplicate designs. Every artist has a different motive or process for their art and mine is very emotion based. I create intuitively, feeling the stone and creating the piece around its desires. This can also be said for the bones and the shapes they inspire in a piece. I leave a little bit of myself in every piece of art I create and I hope they inspire the wearer.   Thank you for your time.

Many Blessings,

Alison Wolfe